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How to make the structural appearance prototype

CNC prototype processing is to use the CNC machine to cut off the excess material through the method of material reduction manufacturing, such a way of proofing the prototype. CNC processing speed, low cost, processing materials with high strength, high temperature resistance, high toughness, transparency and other requirements; And CNC model surface treatment can be varied, such as grinding, painting, sandblasting, oxidation, polishing, screen printing, UV, electroplating, its effect can be completely equivalent to mold products; In appearance, assembly, functional verification can achieve customer creativity; therefore, CNC prototype processing is the main way of modern prototype proofing.

CNC prototype type: hardware appearance structure prototype proofing material: metal, aluminum alloy; quality standard: ISO9001,QC quality inspection; processing technology: CNC processing; color: original color; size: 80mm; Surface treatment: polishing, color oxidation; fineness: 0.02 MM; Application range: digital, smart device components sample; Type: structural prototype.


Why make a prototype model?

1.Check the appearance design and display the designer's creativity in kind, so as to find the deficiency and defect in the design.

2.Checking the design of structure and function intuitively reflects whether the structure is reasonable or not, easy to install, finds out the engineering and technological problems of the product, and optimizes the structure and function of the product.

3.Reduce the risk of direct mold opening, avoid losses, and save development costs.

4.Use the prototype model for early publicity (e. G. Participation in the exhibition) and preparation for production before the mold is developed.

Surface treatment: grinding, oil spray, screen printing, sandblasting, polishing, electroplating, oxidation, radium carving, wire drawing, etch, etc.


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