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Vacuum Casting

ABS Pc Pom Vacuum Casting Process

Vacuum casting is to make a silicone mould to copy prototypes. one mould can copy 8-10 prototypes. If so, the cost will be control, the price will lower than cnc. Generally, The quantity is higher than 5pcs, silicone mould is cheapest. If the quantity is lower than 5pcs, the price will be near to cnc. i do not advise to choose vacuum casting. Please feel free to send email to us for quotation....

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ABS robot prototype sample

The selection of ABS robot prototype sample manufacturers should be considered from these aspects:

1: CNC prototype processing experience, the longer the existence of the prototype factory, the more guaranteed the quality of the prototype made.

2. Hardware configuration, mainly refers to the size of the company, such as how many CNC processing equipment, how many operators and prototype masters.

Because ABS materials are cheap, sticky and easy to process, ABS materials are often used in the prototype industry. When making ABS prototype, I believe most customers want to find a factory with on-time delivery, so that you can hold the prototype on time to participate in the exhibition, so that you can get good publicity results, if you are lucky, you can even get large orders at the exhibition.

In general, robot prototypes are relatively large. If the processing distance of the equipment is not long enough during CNC processing, it is necessary to come to the gong several times, and then splice it back, so the strength of the opponent's plate will have a great impact. The load-bearing capacity is far less than that of the whole piece, so it is important to choose a prototype factory with a large processing range.

Customers who do ABS robot prototype processing require strict precision, so they need to find manufacturers with high machining accuracy. Generally speaking, aluminum alloy processing accuracy is closely related to the equipment. The more advanced equipment, The higher the machining precision is, the higher the machining precision can be, which is introduced by the Mitsubishi CNC Machining Center of Japan.

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Kown more about PCGF30 rapid prototypes with painting and silkscreen, rapid prototype for design test, cnc rapid prototype builders.

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Steven Song (Oversea Marketing Manager)

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Wechat(Mobile): 0086 18620348301

Email: steven@smilecnc-china.com

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