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Surface Treatment Process
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Surface Treatment Process
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Manual processing: To make the sample grinding, assembly, the parts into a finished product.

Spray paint: According to the requirements of customers sprayed with color, our company is clean spray room, oil is the best.

Silk-screen: In the hand sample or printed on the pattern.

To print or pattern on an uneven surface.

Laser engrave: In order to light, will be a transparent piece of paint on the two spray, knocked out a layer, exposing a layer.

Plating: In order to make the product more eye-catching, coated with silver color of the product, the sample must be very smooth and no impurities, and then soak in the syrup (with water and vacuum plating), outgoing. Water-plated features: not easy to scratch, not fade, not bright, the material required high temperature. Vacuum plating is very bright, and easy to scratch, fade.

Anodizing: The aluminum surface oxidation reaction, the formation of a layer of film, not easy to scratch, easy to corrosion.

Brushed: The surface of the aluminum out of a fine line marks, texture better.

High-light effect: High-speed CNC machining on the sample lap, revealing the true nature of aluminum.

Bronzing: The product details in some of the paste of gold or silver product color. (This process is now rarely used)

UV: a layer of transparent oil sprayed on the surface of the sample, dried with ultraviolet light, the product brighter, and not easy to scratch.

Carved mud: Toy doll for the class, the appearance is not a rule, can not be processed out of the machine, so a hand-carved out with a sludge.

Relief: A layer of sludge in a board, and then carving out the desired shape. Looks strong sense of three-dimensional, like a physical.

Lathe: Processing of small parts.

Milling machine: A sample that can not be machined or modified by the CNC.

Sandblasting: Computer gongs out of the sample above a lot of residual plastic, manual processing up a lot of trouble.