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Sheet Metal Prototype

Sheet Metal Products With Powder Coating

Sheet Metal Products With Powder Coating

CNC rapid prototype, CNC Machining And CNC Lathe
SLA SLS 3d Printer, RIM And Vacuum Casting
Sheet Metal Stamping And Bender
Acceptable 3D Drawing Format: Step, Stp, X-T, Igs, Dwg
Delivery Time: 3-7 work days
Accpetable Payment Term: TT, Paypal, Western Union...

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Several elements of CNC prototype Model processing

Prototype processing equipment CNC machine tools have the following requirements:
(1) machine tool should have good rigidity and bearing capacity;
(2) the working table size should be adapted to the size of prototype;
(3) it should have high precision and precision retention;
(4) it should be able to remove the allowance quickly and efficiently, and have high reliability.
(5) requires that the machine tool can be multi-axis linkage, and equipped with large information capacity of the numerical control system.

Particular requirements for prototype processing:
1. The prototype needs to produce complex shape space curved surface on solid core metal module.
2. the prototype shape is cuboid or square, few have narrow and long shape, the main processing amount is concentrated on the concave die and convex die;
3. the requirement of machining precision of prototype model opponent board is higher and higher;
4. the processing of prototype must meet the requirements of high efficiency, fast and long time running at full load and so on.

Cnc prototype manufacturing process
1. Programming: programmers analyze 3D drawings, write control NC machining program language;
2. CNC processing: cnc processing to remove the redundant place, so as to get the prototype of the prototype.
3. Manual processing;
4. Surface treatment: spray paint, screen printing, electroplating, special radium carving, anodizing, wire drawing, etc.

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