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Prototype Model Make for Automobile Accessories

A prototype model of auto parts is actually a model that has been completed and is used to check the design of a car, simply a sample of the product. When your design drawings come out, if the finished product is not perfect or even can not be used, the direct production will be all scrapped if there is a defect, and the auto parts prototype is to provide sufficient basis for the product to be finalized and mass produced.

First of all, according to the needs of customers to create 3D files, and the purpose of making 3D files is also very important. And after 3 D production, come down must according to picture file make prototype. The main purpose of prototype is to get the best display, is to let the guests, more intuitive to see the shape of the car model, interior, engine and chassis details, but also to make the car model more perfect, more reasonable structure, more perfect. At the same time in order to open the mold production process, reduce the probability of error, reduce costs.


The prototype of the auto parts model is made by hand according to the structure diagram before the mass production of the die. The manufacture of prototype plays an important role in the process of developing vehicle model customization, and it is also an important index to test the professional degree of a car model manufacturer. Because the prototype is the first step to verify the feasibility of the product, a good prototype can directly find out the defects and deficiencies in the product design process in the manufacturing process, thus greatly saving manpower and material resources.

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Steven Song (Oversea Marketing Manager)

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Wechat(Mobile): 0086 18620348301

Email: steven@smilecnc-china.com

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