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Sheet Metal Prototype

Iron Sheet Metal Parts Process

Iron Sheet Metal Parts Process

CNC Lathe, CNC Machining
Material: plastic, aluminum, stainless steel, Iron, Brass, Copper
Tolerence: +/-0.02mm
Surface finish: paint, sandblast, Anodize, Plate, Polish
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The function and cause of prototype Grinding

The prototype model is different in shape and structure when it is polished. If the shape is not very special, the finished product is not very different when the surface is treated. When grinding, you can absorb the use of some coarse sandpaper to simple grinding, some of the above rough edges removed for more detailed grinding treatment. The degree of polishing may vary with different requirements for the surface layer of the product. After the grinding is finished, some ash is sprayed, and the advantage is that the original roughness of the product surface is more obvious, and the problems of the product can be seen more clearly. So in the correction time will not be too blind, targeted, until the product all the polishing process has been completed.

The grinding process has three main functions:
1.Enhancement the adhesion of the coating: before spraying the new paint film, the old paint film will generally be polished after drying, so there will be smooth surface transition and poor adhesion, so the mechanical adhesion of the coating can be enhanced after polishing.
2.Substrate: for the substrate, the main is to remove burrs on the surface of the substrate, oil dust and so on.
3.Scraping putty surface: generally rough surface, need to be sanded to obtain a more smooth surface, so, grinding can reduce the surface roughness of the workpiece.

prototype model grinding is absolutely not a redundant work, it can effectively remove the impurities on the substrate to clean up; In addition, some materials if scratched putty, most of the surface will be more rough, in the grinding process can make its surface more smooth, reduce the roughness of the workpiece; Furthermore, the polished material makes the coating better attached to it.

In the production of prototype products, must be on the prototype model grinding. After some parts are processed by machine, it is very difficult to avoid the appearance of some rough edges or traces on them, which need to be solved manually when dealing with these kinds of problems. In general, the polishing paste will be used for polishing, also used sandpaper to polish the treatment. During this process, the effect of polishing can also be checked by spraying ash.

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