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Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototype Plastic Prototyping For Design Test

CNC rapid prototype, CNC Machining And CNC Lathe
SLA SLS 3d Printer, RIM And Vacuum Casting
Sheet Metal Stamping And Bender
Acceptable 3D Drawing Format: Step, Stp, X-T, Igs, Dwg
Delivery Time: 3-7 work days
Accpetable Payment Term: TT, Paypal, Western Union...

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How to make the ideal to be reality. the answer is prototype. yes, prototype is the best solution to make ideal to be real product. prototype make is an independent technique. It only works for design test.

Before making injection mould, if you make a prototype to test the design, it can save the cost. because if your design is not reasonable, but, you have made the injection mould, And then you have to revise the mould, the cost will be large. So, if you make a prototype to test the design, you will avoid the risk.

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Kown more about UV abs plastic rapid prototype parts, PCGF30 rapid prototypes with painting and silkscreen, rapid prototype for design test

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22, why the prototypes can not be made completely?

As for plastic prototypes, because of complex structure, some products can not be made completely, we have to make it separately and then glue them together

With prototype glue-water.

23, how to make a complex plastic prototype to be complete?

We can make a silicone mould to make the complex prototype to be complete.

Just, the cost will be high than cnc glue. so, please consider the usage to make the choice.

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