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Plastic Prototype

CNC Medical Prototyping With ABS Material

Medical equipment prototypes are needed for large nowadays. because medical technique is developed better and better. new design are come out fast. so, the prototypes are a important role for medical career' development. as for medical prototypes, the frequently-used material is abs, Fire-proof abs UL94-v0. medical white is main color, and the silk screen is necessary. the process method is cnc rapid prototypes....

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The effect of prototype proofing on enterprises' research and development of new products is great.

Many enterprises must use the prototype when producing some products and equipments. The prototype is based on the sample provided by the customer or 3D drawing file, and processed to verify whether the appearance and structure of the product is reasonable. What are the effects of prototype?

1. Inspection of designs. Just look at the picture, there is no physical words, can not intuitively verify the product, customers will not accept, customers need to be able to hold in hand, the use of physical products intuitive verification.

2. Check structural design. To find out the defects of the design products, and to improve the defects, we can find out the defects in individual prototype samples.

3. Avoid the risk of opening the mold. Product design can not be completed in one step, if the direct production, once there are defects will be all scrapped, a great waste of resources and time. The cost of opening the mold is large, much higher than the cost of prototype. The prototype is a few samples of R & D products. The production cycle is short and the manpower and material resources are less. The deficiency of product design can be found out and then improved quickly, which can provide sufficient basis for product stereotype and mass production.

4. Make the product come to market much ahead of schedule. In the absence of products, we can use prototypes instead of products to display at the exhibition, do a good job of early publicity work, or even get orders, rapid prototyping, for the enterprise to create performance.

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