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Plastic Prototype

Build Plastic Prototype Model

Build Plastic Prototype Model

CNC rapid prototype, CNC Machining
PlasticMaterial: abs, pc, nylon(PA), acrylic(PMMA), pp, pom, Teflon, PA+GF30, Fire-proof
abs ul94-v0, abs+pc, pc+gf30, pvc, silicone rubber
Metal material: aluminum6061T6, Ly12, 7075, stainless steel 303, stainless steel 304, 45#, brass, copper, iron,
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What should we pay attention to in purchasing prototypes

In general, some enterprises in the production, if the need to open the mold, will certainly first do the prototype model, in this way, can greatly reduce the loss of open mold. Many enterprises have the corresponding purchasing staff to find a prototype supplier to do the product, but purchasing the prototype is not a simple thing, we can not only see which prototype factory price is low to who do, also need to pay attention to the following problems:

1, before making the prototype, prepare the 3D drawing in advance. we made for a long time of prototype service, in the process, often encountered some of the drawing of the customer, they often have only one picture of the product, we need to quote. Therefore, the purchasing staff should prepare 3D drawings in advance before looking for a prototype supplier, thus saving a lot of unnecessary communication time, and if the prototype is complicated, the corresponding list should be provided.

2, to see the size of prototype manufacturers, in the cnc rapid prototype industry, scale often reflects the strength of manufacturers. Because the start of the prototyp industry is very low, buy two cnc machines, know a bit of technology can run a factory, in Shenzhen, many prototypes factories are mainly small workshops, with 4-5 CNC equipment can be considered as a large factory. Our company has 16 CNC machining centers and 3D printers.

The above is the procurement in looking for prototype manufacturers need to pay attention to, I hope to help you.

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