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Wood CNC Prototype Service

Wood CNC Prototype Service

CNC rapid prototype, CNC Machining And CNC Lathe SLA SLS 3d Printer, RIM And Vacuum Casting Sheet Metal Stamping And Bender Acceptable 3D Drawing Format: Step, Stp, X-T, Igs, Dwg Delivery Time: 3-7 work days Accpetable Payment Term: TT, Paypal, Western Union...

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Standard for selection of manufacturers of shenzhen prototype

Shenzhen can be said to be the birthplace of prototype manufacturers. Therefore, the level of shenzhen prototype manufacturers in Shenzhen will be so much higher than that of other regions. As a result, many customers who need to do high quality prototypes, Will choose shenzhen prototype factory. So what standards do we need when we choose Shenzhen prototype manufacturer?

The following are five suggestions for the manufacturer of the Shenzhen prototype:

1. The factory strength of a good prototype model processing factory is very important, must have rich prototype manufacture experience, all kinds of processing equipment is complete.

2. As the saying goes, "Buddha depends on gold and people rely on clothing", and so is the prototype. If the prototype is ugly, it will be counterproductive to take part in the exhibition.


3. Information confidentiality, before making the prototype model factory to sign a

confidentiality agreement to ensure that your products will not be leaked.

If you follow the above advice to find the Shenzhen prototype manufacturer you want, you can find a satisfactory prototype factory. Smile Technology is such a manufacturer, has 6 large CNC processing center. Take the initiative to sign a non-disclosure agreement with the customer.

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Wechat(Mobile): 0086 18620348301

Email: steven@smilecnc-china.com

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