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Manufacture and processing Technology of prototype Silicone Mold

Rapid manufacturing method of prototype silicone mould:

Rapid manufacture of silicone mould: one of the ways of prototype processing, the making of silicone mould can be divided into direct mould making method and secondary mould making method, and the direct mold making method is to complete the mold cavity structure by one curing molding of silicone rubber. After solidification manual cutting type, so that the upper and lower die curing molding. In the practical application, the direct mould making method is mainly used, and the process of the mould making method is as follows:

The main factors affecting the characteristics of the prototype silicone mould are: the properties of the silicone used in the mould making, the structure of the mold's gush and opening, the use of the core and the preset parts, the size of the die and the volume of the cavity, etc. These factors will affect the injection die precision and service life.

The characteristics of the prototype silicone mould are as follows:

(1)good operation of mould making. The cured soft die is transparent or translucent, with good tensile strength and easy cutting and typing.

(2) good repeatability. The silicone rubber used in mould making has good fluidity before curing, and with vacuum casting, the detailed structure and decoration of the model can be kept accurately.

(3) good detachability. For the backslope structure of the model in the direction of exit, the model can be extracted directly by elastic deformation of the material.

(4) good dimensional stability of the model.


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