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Plastic CNC Prototype With Water Transfer Printing

CNC rapid prototype, CNC Machining And CNC Lathe
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Acceptable 3D Drawing Format: Step, Stp, X-T, Igs, Dwg
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Highly Difficult Prototype, No one can answer, what to do?

Miss Chen of Changsha needs to make a highly difficult prototype. Not only is it complicated in shape, but the precision of processing is up to 0.05 mm. Miss Chen has found several cnc maching factories in Changsha, but she cannot do so, because the conditions of these factories are limited. Could not do that kind of complex products, so Miss Chen can only find another way.


Later, Miss Chen listened to a friend's introduction-Shenzhen's CNC Machining manufacturers started earlier, technically and empirically more mature than the mainland. So Miss Chen found the smile technology by searching for "high difficulty CNC machining" on the Internet, and browsed the relevant content in detail on the Internet, and then initiated the consultation.


According to the communication with customer service, smile Technology has 6 large CNC machining centers, some of which are five-axis machines, the accuracy can reach 0.01 mm, and the efficiency is very high. And smile technology after many tests, 5-axis machined products' surface is very smooth, no need to polish too much.

A five-axis machined product.


After communication between the two sides, Miss Chen decided to hand over the product to smile technology. After a few days of processing, the high-difficulty product was finally made and sent to Miss Chen through Shun feng express delivery. Miss Chen was very satisfied with the High praised for smile technology. Smile technology is a good choice if you also have a very difficult CNC maching to do and you can't find a good manufacturer!

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