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ABS Plastic Rapid Prototype With Best Quality

CNC Rapid Prototypes, CNC Machining, Vacuum Casting, 3D Printer The prototypes are made with abs material, the surface finish is paint. Best Quality, High Precision Best Service, Resonable Price High Efficiency, Fast Delivery Time DHL, Fedex, UPS, TNT, EMS For Choice...

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Prototype model customization, can not only look at the price

When processing the prototyp model, some customers prefer to choose the low-price prototype factory. But the low-price prototype manufacturers really reliable, to know the prototype model processing process. Materials, labor, equipment processing steps add up to a lot of costs, low price means sacrificing quality as the premise, such a board quality can be guaranteed?


A while ago, Sichuan's Mr. Chen found that smile technology required prototype model processing, and required 3 days to ship. Before that, Mr. Chen had contacted smile Technology, but at the beginning, because the price was not agreed upon, he found a local prototype factory to do it, and the price of that prototype factory was 20% lower than that of smile Technology, and Mr. Chen had just made a prototype model there.

Wait for the time of delivery, only to find that the effect of the prototype received is very bad, the surface of the prototype is rough, and the color is uneven, the color difference with the drawings above the label is very different. So he had to look for smile technology to do it again, hoping to do it well in a short time, so that he could participate in the exhibition. After all, the cost of a booth was very high. It would be too bad to waste it like this.

Therefore, when processing the prototype model, we can not only look at the price, need to find a strong prototoype manufacturer to do, in order to do a good job of the prototype.

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Kown more about pc plastic prototype design and development, semi transparent pc atm prototype, make a abs prototype with abs material.

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