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CNC Prototype With White Teflon

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The prototypes are made be teflon (plastic king), Teflon is also called PTFE. teflon can bear high temperature 250 degree. the frequently-used teflon material is white at market. wait for your email for much more question....

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How much does it cost to make a robot prototype?

The emergence of robots has brought great convenience to human beings and has a large market. So many enterprises are developing new robots and trying to occupy more markets. In the process of developing the new robot, we need to use the prototype. Smile engaged in customer service for 7 years, according to theusual conversation with customers in the process can be very clear that the customer is concerned about the price. Many customers don't even have blueprints, but the question they ask is "how much money it takes to make a prototype", and some customers are locked in a standoff for hundreds of pieces. In fact, how much it takes to make a prototype depends mainly on the following aspects.

1. The larger the size of the processed product, the more materials it uses, and the higher the price, such as the food delivery robot handboard and the voice robot prototypes shown below. Their prices for materials are bound to vary greatly. Food delivery robot hand board


Speech robot hand board


2. the more complex the structure of the processed products, the more man-hours are used in prototypes.

3. the materials used in the prototypes are different in other conditions, thedifferent materials will lead to different prices.

4. The surface treatment process used to make the handplate model, the more the process, the higher the price; process, the higher the price;

The above is the calculation method of the handboard model price, if you want to know the exact price, you need to provide 3D drawings, we will quote within 2-4 hours.

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