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Making Automobile prototype Model by rational use of CNC Machining method

The auto industry's replacement cycle is faster, precisely because automakers are constantly developing new cars in order to be able to take a place in the market. In this process, we need to do the vehicle prototype model to verify. In many automobile prototype models, the prototype with different appearance sizes has different processing methods. Generally speaking, the processing methods of the prototype model are mainly 3D printing, CNC machining and vacuum casting. Smile technology introduce it for everyone in detail.

It's a good choice to use 3D printing to make prototypes with complex structures and small size. One drawback of the printed prototypes is that they are not strong enough to withstand heavy blows. So the key parts in the prototype model are made by 3D printing, because the keys are relatively small. CNC processing is mainly for those prototypes that are larger in size and simpler in structure, like a bumper prototype that we've made. It is 1. 5 meters long and is made by CNC. If it is made by 3D printing, the cost is high and the performance is not good. The advantage of CNC processing is that it can be processed directly with high precision and good properties (such as strength, high temperature resistance, etc.). The vacuum

casting silicone mold is mainly made in small batches of the prototype, the number of which is generally in the range of tens to 100, because of the heat expansion and cold contraction, the precision of the prototype produced by the vacuum casting silicone mold is not as good as that of CNC machining and 3D printing.

These are some of the common automotive prototype model processing methods, knowing the relevant principles of these processing methods, using their complementary advantages, in the future you can do the car prototype model when you can use a more appropriate way of making.

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