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Cheap CNC Prototyping Plastic Molding

Cheap CNC Prototyping Plastic Molding

The prototypes are made by abs by cnc, the surface finish is paint. our tent is follow:
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Car light cnc machining, precision up to 0.01mm

Almost every customer wants to find a prototype factory with high processing precision when making the prototype of automobile light, so the test result is more accurate, which is very beneficial to the research and development of new products. A half-month ago, a Beijing Miss Qin found smile technology by the Internet and needed to customize the car light for test. Because it is used to develop new products, the precision of the prtotype is strict, requiring the tolerance to reach 0.01 mm. in precision.


Normally, many manufacturers will be afraid to take this order when they hear the request, because the requirement is too high, and their cnc machine processing equipment can only make the precision of 0.1 mm.. When smile Technology's related business manager told Miss Qin this advantage, she quickly signed the contract and made a deposit. After a lot of hard work, we finally gave her the car light  in the specified time, and achieved the desired effect.

Shenzhen car light cnc machining factory has the following characteristics:

1. Confidentiality is strict. Before the general customer sends the drawings, the related saler of smile technology will sign the confidentiality agreement with the customer voluntarily.

2. The five-axis machining is adopted. The machining accuracy is high, the precision can reach 0.01 mm, the error of the prototype is small, and it is more accurate when the structure is verified.


3. more equipment, sufficient personnel, processing cycle is faster, generally 3 days can be shipped.

Smile technology has a considerable advantage in car light production, using five-axis machining, accuracy up to 0.01 mm, if you need to do high-precision car light, please contact us.

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