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What Should We Pay Attention To As A Prototype Maker
Nov 28, 2018

In the prototype industry, there are many prototype companies in the service of customers, will provide customers with prototype production and processing of the project services. So as a customized processing service enterprise or production team, in the process of customer service needs to pay attention to what issues?

First, to understand the actual needs of customers. In order to do prototype processing can smoothly complete the processing task, and to obtain customer approval. Then you have to understand the actual needs of the customer, know exactly what the customer needs. This way you will know how to get the job done while you are working on the prototype, and you will have a specific direction of production. This is the first key issue we should know about for prototype customization services.

Second, understand the professional knowledge of prototype processing. When working on prototype processing customization, if you know nothing about prototype manufacturing, you don't know anything. Then you simply have no way to complete the work of custom processing. They are engaged in production and processing services will be completely confused. So if you want to do this thing well, you have to know the prototype related expertise. In this way, you can better serve your customers when you are in production.

prototype processing may seem like a simple thing, but it is very complicated. Because there are a lot of problems involved in production, and every problem is simple, but difficult to operate. If oneself does not have the work experience, to the production aspect knowledge is ignorant, actually is completely unable to complete the prototype processing production task very well. So generally engaged in prototype processing custom service people are industry veteran.