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What Is The Difference Between Prototype Model And Handicraft Sculpture?
Nov 14, 2016

Many Prototype factories include handicrafts mud carving, feeling and hand are interlinked, but the material and processing methods are different.


Prototype has many categories, there is action Prototype, simulation driver board, plaster clay sculpture Prototype, there is the CNC chassis Prototype.


The first three hand because the customer can not provide the design of the three views, mostly photos and concepts, so are pure hand from the plate, the material is ABS sheet, Yajia sheet and white film, a milling machine, lathe, Vacuum mold machine and other auxiliary machine, the master of the mechanical operation, hand-carved and design capabilities are very demanding. Such as the design of the action box, is based on customer requirements to design a toy walking, running or flight effects, emphasis on design capability; simulation of the driver board stress master hand and the photo line feeling, there are plastic mold out of the mold must be very familiar with , Emphasis on hand-carved and mold knowledge; gypsum sludge hand plate, can be independently referred to as handicraft sculpture, a lot of Prototype creative room, the next section will talk about in detail, would like to do a good job in front of these three Prototype, need a lot of interest and long Of the length of service, many master is opened up; As for the CNC Prototype, is designed to provide customers with three views, the use of computer gongs to make the palm of automation, such as Prototype production line, it can not and serious sense Prototype and mud sculpture in the same breath, I do not do evaluation.


As for the crafts mud sculpture, because the computer is not yet able to draw its three views, usually only photos, or their own design work, requires strong art skills, hand-painted and shaping ability, material is carved sludge or head soil, material Soft, do not need car milling auxiliary processing; mold is generally silicone rubber, breaking the steel mold constraints, so the creation of space, the difficulty is the creator of their own work and the perception of the work.

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