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What Is 3D Printing Rapid Prototyping?
Oct 20, 2016

3D printing

3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, refers to processes which is used to synthesize a three-dimensionalobject in which successive layers of material are formed under computer control to generate an object. Objects can be of almost any shape or geometry and are manufactured from digital model data 3D model or another electronic data source such as an Additive Manufacturing File.
Futurologist Jeremy Rifkin claimed that 3D printing or AM signals the beginning of a 3rd industrial revolution,succeeding the production line assembly that dominated manufacturing starting in the late 1800.

The term 3D printing has its origin sense, 3D printing in reference to a process that deposits a binder material onto a powder bed with inkjet printer heads layer by layer. More recently, the term is being used in popular vernacular to encompass a wider variety of additive manufacturing techniques. U . S . and global Technical standards make use of the official term additive manufacturing for this broader sense. ISO/ASTM52900-15 defines seven categories of AM processes within its meaning: Binder Jetting, Directed Energy Deposition, Material Extrusion, Material Jetting, Powder Bed Fusion, Sheet Lamination and Vat Photopolymerization. 

ExtrusionFused deposition modeling (FDM) or Fused filament fabrication (FFF)Thermoplastics, eutectic metals, edible materials, Rubbers, Modeling clay, Plasticine, Metal clay (including Precious Metal Clay)
Robocasting or Direct Ink Writing (DIW)Ceramic materials, Metal alloy, cermet, metal matrix composite, ceramic matrix composite
Light polymerizedStereolithography (SLA)Photopolymer
Digital Light Processing (DLP)Photopolymer
Powder BedPowder bed and inkjet head 3D printing (3DP)Almost any metal alloy, powdered polymers, Plaster
Electron-beam melting (EBM)Almost any metal alloy including Titanium alloys
Selective laser melting (SLM)Titanium alloys, Cobalt Chrome alloys, Stainless Steel, Aluminium
Selective heat sintering (SHS)Thermoplastic powder
Selective laser sintering (SLS)Thermoplastics, metal powders, ceramic powders
Direct metal laser sintering (DMLS)Almost any metal alloy
LaminatedLaminated object manufacturing (LOM)Paper, metal foil, plastic film
Powder FedDirected Energy DepositionAlmost any metal alloy
WireElectron beam freeform fabrication (EBF3)Almost any metal alloy

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