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What Are The Benefit Of Making Prototype In Comparison With Making Mould
Dec 01, 2016

Prototype is the first step in researching and developing new products. It verifies the appearance, structure and size of newly designed products. The production speed and low cost of prototype can reduce the R & D cost, time and risk of R & D to meet the product development process. In the structure of performance verification, then what are the benefit of making prototype in comparison with making mould?


1. Speed: do a palm processing cycle is generally about 3-5, such as relatively large or complex processing time may be longer, if you use 3D printing, the fastest day will be good, if the mold, then , The fastest may have to half a month, some may be longer, a month or months are not necessarily.


2. Low cost: to do a palm of the cost is relatively low, ranging from a few hundred to several thousand, if you have a set of molds on the lowest 10,000, or even hundreds of thousands to several million may have.

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