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What Are The Advantages Of Rapid Prototyping Technology?
Sep 22, 2017

After the introduction of the contents of the previous, I believe we have no stranger to rapid prototyping technology. And with the development of modern society, we are the demand for such products is gradually increasing, the advantages of this technology will gradually come out.

Rapid prototyping technology advantages 1:

In the production process, rapid prototyping technology without vibration, it will not produce noise and cutting waste.

Rapid prototyping technology advantages II:

This technology is non-contact processing, do not need the machine tool cutting tool and fixture, no tool wear and cutting force.

Rapid prototyping technology advantages Three:

Unlike traditional production techniques, the use of rapid prototyping technology can quickly create free surfaces and more complex forms of parts, such as parts in the groove, shoulder and hollow parts, parts of the complexity and production of bulk and manufacturing The cost has nothing to do, greatly reducing the development of new products and development costs.

fact, the advantages of rapid prototyping technology far more than three points, I believe we usually use this point is also sentiment. It can not only save production time, but also for some fine hard to make the parts can also be better produced, save a lot of trouble.