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The Effect Of Prototype On Automobile Production
Feb 13, 2019

It takes thousands to tens of thousands of parts to produce a small car, which involves mould manufacturing in the process of production, so the automobile industry promotes the development of die manufacturing industry, and the die manufacturing industry also promotes the progress of the hand board industry. For automobile manufacturing, the prototype of parts can reflect the quality of automobile design very well, some very complicated parts structure has important function to the automobile, can do the hand board directly for the actual test. The following is a deep explanation of the role of the prototype of automobile parts in the actual test.

Automobile part drawing

The intake pipe of automobile engine is a very complicated structure curved surface, it is very obvious to improve engine efficiency and power. How to develop a high efficiency engine intake pipe? This requires a variety of different intake pipe schemes. Finally, it is concluded that the traditional intake pipe test scheme is too backward, and the use of the hand plate rapid prototyping technology is the use of light curing technology to make the intake steam pipe prototype. This intake tube prototype is used directly for vehicle R & D testing and gives a direct conclusion to the automobile designer.

In the manufacture of the prototype of automobile parts, the laser layering method can be used to produce a very complicated shape, the structure surface is curved, and when completed, it can be used to test the automobile, and the precision of this technology can reach 0.1 mm. Laser layering manufacturing method is very important to automobile production. In their industry, its application prospects are also very broad.


At present, the application of intelligent technology to cars is no longer new, the development of cars is becoming more and more intelligent. The car door is inserted into the LED component to see clearly whether the door is locked or not. The information displayed must be correct. There is a connection between this LED information and a mechanical device, and this connection has to go through a lot of testing. First do a car door panel, then make fine parts and LED devices, and constantly test the LED and device to make it more accurate. The strength of automobile industry reflects the manufacturing level of a country. With the continuous development of automobile industry, the rapid prototyping technology of prototype promotes the further development of automobile industry. In particular, the laser layering manufacturing method greatly reduces the manufacturing time and production cycle of the automobile.


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