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Soft Rubber Prototype Model Making
Dec 19, 2016

Domestic since the mid-1990s, prototype, has been part of the silicone rubber processing enterprises using LSR and LIM process production of silicone rubber products for transportation, electrical and electronic, machinery manufacturing, aerospace and other fields. Therefore, liquid injection molding silicone rubber (LIM-LSR) has good market prospects.

Liquid silicone rubber market prospects Liquid silicone rubber injection molding technology is the late seventies developed a new type of high-efficiency silicone rubber molding method, it is by the LSR and LIM the two key components. After years of research and development, more and more people have recognized and adopted liquid silicone rubber injection molding technology to produce silicone rubber products prototype ushered in the silicone rubber processing industry high efficiency, high-quality and low-cost production of a new era. Compared with traditional HCR molding process, the LIM process has the advantages of saving energy, eliminating post-treatment, high product yield and low comprehensive cost (LIM is about 40% less than HCR) when using LIM process to produce rubber products. 

Features: Liquid silicone has excellent transparency, tear strength, resilience, anti-yellowing, thermal stability, water, air permeability, heat aging and weather resistance, while moderate viscosity, ease of operation, transparency products High, you can see the mold casting material whether there are bubbles and other defects, linear shrinkage rate of 0.1%, the size of precision reproduction products. 

The silicone mold making step can be divided into three steps:

1. Prototype: In the production of silicone mold, the need to prototype. Prototype can be used more common ABS material, CNC machining can be. 

2. Silicone mold: prototype ready, began making silicone mold. Eight hours after drying, the silicone die-cutting, remove the prototype. Silicone mold ready at this time. 

3. Note: the liquid silicone material into the silicone mold, can be dried. Silicone mold service life of about 10 modules.

Soft rubber has good temperature resistance, electrical insulation, flexibility and other characteristics; use is very extensive, it is used for aviation, electrical and electronic, automotive, machinery and other industries. So there are still many customers need to do soft rubber prototype, this is because many companies in the development of new products, want to do prototype selected material with the product itself as the material, rather than using other materials prototype instead, so test The results more accurate.

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