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SLS Rapid Prototyping Process
Jul 06, 2017

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) - Wide range of material SLS rapid prototyping processes

Among the many molding technologies, Selective Laser Sintering-SLS has been developed rapidly because of its high molding speed, high precision, wide material selection and a wide range of applications. Selective laser sintering (SLS) highlights the advantages of: powder as a molding material, the molding material used is very broad, in theory, any laser can be heated after the formation of inter-atomic powder between the powder material can be used as SLS rapid prototyping materials.

The SLS rapid prototyping process, also known as selective laser sintering, was successfully developed by C. R. Dechard of the University of Texas at Austin in 1989. The SLS process is formed using a powdered material. The material powder is spread on the upper surface of the formed part and scratched; the cross section of the part is scanned with a high strength CO2 laser on the new layer of the shop; the material powder is sintered together under high intensity laser irradiation to obtain Part of the cross-section, and with the following part of the shape of the bond; when a section of sintering after sintering, laying a new layer of material powder, the selective sintering of the lower section.

The biggest advantage of the SLS rapid prototyping process is the wide selection of materials such as nylon, wax, ABS, resin wrapped sand, poly carbonates, metal and ceramic powders, and so on. The sintered portion of the powder bed becomes the support structure of the sintered portion, so that the support system (hardware and software) need not be considered. SLS rapid prototyping process and the casting process is extremely close, such as sintered ceramic type can be used as casting of the shell, core, wax can do wax mold, thermoplastic material sintering model can be done EPC.