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SLS Rapid Prototyping Principle
May 17, 2017

SLS rapid prototyping "Stereo lithography Appearance" abbreviation, that is, three-dimensional light curing molding method with a specific wavelength and intensity of the laser focused to the surface of light-cured materials, so that from point to line, from line to surface sequence solidification, to complete a level Drawing the work, and then lift the platform in the vertical direction to move the height of a layer, and then curing another level. So layers of layers constitute a three-dimensional entity.

SLS rapid prototyping is the first practical rapid prototyping technology, the use of liquid photosensitive resin raw materials, process as shown in the figure. The process is to first design a three-dimensional solid model through CAD, and use the discrete program to slice the model to design the scanning path. The generated data will precisely control the motion of the laser scanner and the elevator. The laser beam is controlled by the numerical control device Device, according to the design of the scanning path to the surface of the liquid photosensitive resin, so that a specific area of the surface layer of resin curing, when a layer of processing is completed after the formation of a section of the parts; and then down the platform down a certain distance, curing layer Covering another layer of liquid resin, and then the second layer of scanning, the second curing layer firmly bonded to the former curing layer, so that a layer of layers into three-dimensional workpiece prototype. Remove the prototype from the resin, the final curing, and then by lighting, electroplating, painting or coloring that is required to obtain the product.

SLS rapid prototyping technology is mainly used in the manufacture of a variety of molds, models, etc .; can also be added in the raw materials by adding other components, with SLA prototype mold replacement casting mold in the wax mold. SLS rapid prototyping

Technology is faster and more accurate, but due to shrinkage during resin curing, it will inevitably produce stress or cause deformation. Therefore, the development of shrinkage small, fast curing, high strength of the photosensitive material is its development trend. 3D Systems introduced the advantages of Viper Pro SLA system SLA 1. Light curing molding method is the first rapid prototyping process, high maturity, time-tested 2. Directly made by the CAD digital model prototype, processing speed, Product production cycle is short, no cutting tools and molds. 3. Can be processed complex structure or the use of traditional means difficult to shape the prototype and mold.