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Rapid Prototyping Of The Basic Principles Are Laminated Manufacturing
Jul 18, 2017

When we choose to use the rapid prototyping of the time, for its use in all aspects of the quality of the quality, it is necessary to pay attention to us, but also need us in these qualities have a certain degree of stress, before Is to ensure that we are in the use of the time to be able to get a better effect, which for its life there is a very large security nature.

3D printing technology is a series of rapid prototyping processing technology collectively, the basic principles are laminated manufacturing, by the rapid prototyping machine in the XY plane through the form of scanning the formation of the workpiece cross-sectional shape, and in the Z coordinate intermittent for the thickness of the displacement , The final formation of three-dimensional parts. Currently on the market rapid prototyping technology is divided into 3DP technology, FDM melt laminated molding technology, SLA three-dimensional lithography technology, SLS selective laser sintering, DLP laser molding technology and UV UV molding technology.

Rapid prototyping technology, metal powder SLS technology is a hot research. The use of high melting point metal direct sintering molding parts, the use of traditional cutting methods difficult to manufacture high-strength parts, rapid prototyping technology for a wider range of applications is of particular significance.

Rapid prototyping technology completely out of the traditional "removal" of the processing method (ie: part of the workpiece to remove the rough material, and get the workpiece), using a new "growth" processing method (ie: with a layer of small blank Step by step into a large workpiece), the complex three-dimensional processing into a simple two-dimensional processing of the combination, therefore, it does not have to use the traditional processing machine tools and molds, only traditional processing methods 30% to 50% 35% of the cost, you can directly create product samples or mold.Through rapid prototyping technology, you can automatically, directly, quickly and accurately to design ideas into a function of a model or direct manufacturing products