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Rapid Prototyping In PC Material
Oct 25, 2016

Basic introduction 

Polycarbonate, molecular chain contains carbonate, ester structure can be divided into aliphatic, aromatic, aliphatic - aromatic and other types. Which due to aliphatic and aliphatic - aromatic polycarbonate mechanical properties of low, thus limiting its application in engineering plastics. At present, only the aromatic polycarbonate obtained industrial production. Commonly known as bullet-proof plastic, is a colorless, transparent, non-qualitative thermoplastic material, one of the five engineering plastics, production second only to PA.

Product Series: Universal grade, weather level, food grade, high flow grade, flame retardant grade, glass fiber reinforced grade, optical performance level, high heat class, low temperature class, medical grade

Main features 

1. Transparency, with the same transparency as glass, commonly used grades of visible light transmittance of 85-90%, high refractive index, can produce precision optical instruments. 

2. Small size shrinkage, low water absorption, small creep resistance, excellent dimensional stability, can be precision molding 3. Plastic in the highest impact strength, and even can be used as bullet-proof material 

4. Wide temperature Range, in the -100 ℃ ~ +140 ℃ temperature long-term use, there is still a certain toughness at -180 ℃ 5. Weatherability is good, but exposed to ultraviolet light for too long will be yellow, degradation, brittle, often by adding light Stabilizers, heat stabilizers. 

6. Vicat softening point of about 150 ℃, no significant melting point, 220-230 ℃ into a molten state, more than 320 ℃ degradation 

7. With self-extinguishing, no added flame retardant can be achieved under the same test conditions UL94V-2 specifications Flame retardant, the flame is yellow when burned 

8. Has excellent electrical insulation, in a wide temperature range and humidity conditions remain excellent electrical properties, the dielectric constant of 2.9 or so, 

9. Resistance to stress cracking is poor, melting Viscosity, easy to produce internal stress, increase the molecular weight help to improve the stress cracking. 

10. Low fatigue strength, high notch sensitivity and poor abrasion resistance. 

11. Easily decompose in water at high temperature. 

12. Poor resistance to radiation. 13. Poor alkali resistance.

Application classification

Automotive: impact, weather, high hardness, can be used for lighting systems, instrument panels, heating panels, defroster, etc.

Electrical and electronic: electrical insulation, wide use temperature, flame retardant, dimensional stability, can be used for sockets, plug boards, connectors, power box, fuse box, etc.

Optical: high transmittance, refractive index, can be used for optical discs, optical storage, lenses, lampshades, lenses

Construction: high light transmission, impact resistance, UV resistance, can be used for a variety of window packaging: light, impact, transparent, for 20L large water bottle, kettle Medical: surgical lighting, equipment, instruments, syringes

Shell: all kinds of office equipment, power tools, household appliances, electronic products, pieces of the shell

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