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Rapid Prototyping for Industrial Design
Oct 20, 2016

Industrial Design

Card less CAM Model is a industrial design product produced by WanBoXin. This product has adopted over molding in vacuum casting process as well as sheet metal bending & stamping technologies. The silver part is aluminum sheet metal parts whose wall thickness is 0.1mm, and the material of black part is PC.


Clients finally found WanBoXin and they hope we could produce A level model products economically in time for them since they had seek for many professional model companies, of whom remain two main problems, one is the PC together with aluminum sheet could not be cemented together, and the other is that the aluminum sheet is easy to be out of shape.

WanBoXin are always prepared for new challenges, and after having a research meeting with our engineers, we make a whole set of production solutions for client’s products.

Firstly, we adopted over molding and the buckle setting processes to fuse the PC and aluminum sheet together, and then we made the Precision fixture adopting the sheet metal blending & stamping technology which had solved the deformation problem.

WanBoXin had provided 7 sets of high quality model products for the clients only takes one week. When the clients saw their products in such a short time, they were very surprise. WanBoXin had helped clients to solve problems that is a great help for their whole projects completed in time.

It is true that WanBoXin would always help clients to solve their problems, since the goal of WanBoXin is to provide high quality products for clients and the mission of WanBoXin is to provide quality services for clients.