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Prototype Surface Treatment-radium Carving
Feb 20, 2019

Radium carving, also known as laser carving or laser marking, is a process of surface treatment based on optical principles. Cell phones and electronic dictionaries are often used in keystrokes, which are engraved by the light energy of the laser beam, which results in chemical and physical changes in the surface material. Or through the burning of some matter through light energy, showing the required etching of graphics, text; According to the different carving methods can be divided into lattice carving and vector cutting.

Lattice engraving-like high-definition dot printing; the laser head swinging from side to side, each engraving a line composed of a series of points, and then the laser head moving up and down at the same time to carve out a number of lines, and finally constitute a whole image or text; The scanned graphics, text and vectorized graphics can be carved using a dot matrix.

Vector cutting is different from lattice carving. Vector cutting is carried out on the outer contour of the graph and text. This model is usually used in wood, paper, acrylic and other materials for penetration cutting, but also in a variety of materials on the surface marking operation!

Radium carving is a surface treatment process, similar to screen printing, are printed on products or patterns, different technology, different prices.

Radium carving and screen printing technology out of the products, from the appearance of the visual effect is similar, but in fact there is a great difference. Here's a brief introduction to the differences: 

1:Radium carving products, fonts, patterns with transparency; screen printing products are impermeable.

2: radium carving products, font, design color is material color, color is ink color; screen printing products are exactly the opposite of radium carving products.

3: in terms of wear resistance, radium carving is higher than screen printing

4: the principles of the two processes are different. The optical principle of radium carving is surface treatment, while screen printing is a physical principle that allows ink to stick to it. 5: the price is different, but the price is judged by the difficulty of font and design.

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