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Prototype Model Surface Treatment Process
Nov 07, 2016

After years of accumulation, Shenzhen Wanboxin Precision Model Ltd. has dealt with the hand board has a very rich comprehensive process, including manual processing, painting (light, matt, metallic paint, rubber paint, pearlescent paint, etc.), silk screen, sandblasting, polishing, Vacuum plating, water plating), bronzing, and so on.

Manual processing: to make the sample grinding, assembly, the parts into a finished product.

Spray (spray paint): according to the requirements of customers sprayed with color, our company is clean spray room, oil is the best.

Silk-screen (silk-screen): in the hand sample or printed on the pattern.

To print or pattern on an uneven surface.

Laser engrave (laser engrave): In order to light, will be a transparent piece of paint on the two spray, knocked out a layer, exposing a layer.

Plating: In order to make the product more eye-catching, coated with silver color of the product, the sample must be very smooth and no impurities, and then soak in the syrup (with water and vacuum plating), outgoing. Water-plated features: not easy to scratch, not fade, not bright, the material required high temperature. Vacuum plating is very bright, and easy to scratch, fade.

Anodizing (anodizing): the aluminum surface oxidation reaction, the formation of a layer of film, not easy to scratch, easy to corrosion.

Brushed: the surface of the aluminum out of a fine line marks, texture better.

High-light effect: High-speed CNC machining on the sample lap, revealing the true nature of aluminum.

Bronzing: the product details in some of the paste of gold or silver product color. (This process is now rarely used)

UV: a layer of transparent oil sprayed on the surface of the sample, dried with ultraviolet light, the product brighter, and not easy to scratch.

Carved mud (carved mud): toy doll for the class, the appearance is not a rule, can not be processed out of the machine, so a hand-carved out with a sludge.

Relief (relief): a layer of sludge in a board, and then carving out the desired shape. Looks strong sense of three-dimensional, like a physical.

Lathe (lathe): processing of small parts.

Milling machine: A sample that can not be machined or modified by the CNC.

Sandblasting (sandblasting): computer gongs out of the sample above a lot of residual plastic, manual processing up a lot of trouble.

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