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POM - One Of Rapid Prototyping Materials
Oct 27, 2016

POM (polyoxymethylene resin) Definition: POM is a side chain, high density, high crystallinity linear polymer. According to the chemical structure of the different molecular chains, can be divided into two kinds of POM and copolymer formaldehyde. The important difference between the two is that: the density of formaldehyde, crystallinity, melting point is high, but the thermal stability is poor, the processing temperature range is narrow (about 10 ℃), slightly lower stability of the acid-base; and copolymer formaldehyde density, Melting point, low strength, but good thermal stability, not easy to decompose, processing temperature range (about 50 ℃), good stability of acid-base. Is an excellent overall performance of the engineering plastics. Has good physical, mechanical and chemical properties, in particular, has excellent abrasion resistance. Commonly known as race steel or steel, as the third-largest general plastics. Suitable for the production of wear-resistant parts, transmission parts, and chemical, instrumentation and other parts.

One of the synthetic resin, also known as polyoxymethylene resin, POM plastic, race steel material; is a white or black plastic particles, with high hardness, high rigidity, high wear characteristics. Mainly used for gears, bearings, auto parts, machine tools, instruments, such as the role of skeleton within the pieces of products.


(1) POM can not dry before processing, preferably in the processing process for preheating (80 ℃ or so), the size of the product stability is good.

(2) POM processing temperature is very narrow (0 ~ 215 ℃), the residence time in the barrel slightly longer or the temperature exceeds 220 ℃ will decompose, produce strong irritant formaldehyde gas.

(3) POM material injection molding packing pressure to be larger (and injection pressure similar) to reduce the pressure drop screw speed can not be too high, less residual;

(4) POM products shrinkage is large, easy to produce shrinkage or deformation. POM specific heat, high mold temperature (80 ~ 100 ℃), the product is very hot mold release, the need to prevent scalding fingers.

(5) POM should be in the "medium pressure, medium speed, low material temperature, high mold temperature" under the conditions of molding, precision molding products need to control the mold temperature

(6) with high mechanical strength and rigidity

(7) the highest fatigue strength

(8) environmental resistance, good resistance to organic solvents

(9) resistance to repeated impact, good electrical properties, good recovery, with its own lubrication, good wear resistance, excellent dimensional stability.

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