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Perfected Reaction Injection Molding Technology
Mar 17, 2016

Car molding can be manufactured by a variety of ways, such as RIM, SMILE Company, as a global leader of RIM technology, can provide different integrated solutions.
Reaction injection molding Manufacturing can produce Epoxy resin moldings .As low temperature epoxy enter a heated mold, the epoxy quickly experience an exothermic reaction and then the material quickly cools and becomes a molded part. The cure time can takes several minutes; its curing time depends on the part's size, geometry, function and wall thickness. The finished resin part can be solid, elastomeric, rigid foam, or flexible foam. Furthermore, because the Reaction injection molding process involves injecting high viscous epoxy resin into a heated mold at low pressure and at low temperatures, When turn to the finishing processing, polishing, silk screening, pad screening, e-planting and UV coating and more are involved in it.
Features Of Reaction Injection Molding
1. Cost-effective
2. Short production cycle
3. Large parts as you wish
4. Low volume production
5. Low shaping of pressure.(0.35-0.7MPa)
6. Wear-resistance and other physical suited performance
7. High quality and stability
Widespread Application
RIM technology can apply to different fields. For example, panels for electrical equipment, enclosures for medical devices, bumpers for vehicles, housings for computer and telecommunications equipment. RIM offers significant advantages over other processes including: injection molding, vacuum or pressure forming, and cast molding.
Inevitable Car Molding Trend
Reducing the car weight have long considered an effective measure to reduce the car emission and also improve the burning efficiency, because the trend of world car material technology are both environmentally-friendly and intelligently. For cars, it can be save oil consumption almost 6%-8% as long as they can reduce 10% of car weight. Also, it can improve the resistance, safety and comfortable. Thus, plastic are an ideal alternative for car parts.
Seize Future
With the rapid development of car molding industry,Reaction injection moldingtechnology is becoming popular among the global market. SMILE can satisfy different customers requirements due to more than 100 specialists are with you. And they are striving to creative exciting car moldings. To realizing your dream, just come with us.