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Materials And Applications Of SLS
Sep 13, 2016
Some SLS machines use single-component powder, like direct metal laser sintering. Powders are generally produced by ball milling. However, most SLS machines use two-component powders, typically either coated powder or a powder mixture. In single-component powders, the laser melts only the outer surface of the particles (surface melting), fusing the solid non-melted cores to each other and to the previous layer.

Compared with other techniques of additive manufacturing, SLS can produce parts from a relatively wide range of in a commercial sense obtainable powder materials. These contain polymers like nylon (neat, glass-filled, or with other fillers) or polystyrene, metals including steel, titanium, alloy mixtures, and composites and green sand. The physical process can be full melting, partial melting, or liquid-phase sintering. Depending on the material, up to 100% density can be achieved with material properties matching to those from conventional manufacturing methods. Oftentimes large numbers of parts will be packed within the powder bed, allowing quite high productivity.

SLS technology is in wide use around the world because of its capability to easily make very complex geometries straight from digital CAD data. While it began as a means to build prototype parts at the start of the design cycle, it is actually increasingly being used in limited-run manufacturing to produce end-use parts. One less expected and rapidly growing application of SLS is its use in art. 

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