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Introduction To Metal Rapid Prototyping Processes
Oct 25, 2017

Metal rapid prototyping process In the current rapid prototyping process, metal mold and product speed manufacturing technology can be divided into direct metal rapid manufacturing technology and indirect metal rapid manufacturing technology two categories, direct metal parts / mold rapid manufacturing process. Direct metal parts / molds Rapid manufacturing technology, mainly from the existing rapid prototyping process directly using metal molding and the development of new metal directly for the forming process. Has been successfully applied to the plate stacking manufacturing, powder sintering accumulation molding, metal wire melting accumulation, metal droplet deposition forming and vapor deposition forming.

Metal rapid prototyping stack manufacturing, is the direct use of metal sheet as a material, through laser cutting, arc welding or adhesive bonding metal sheet metal parts. The main drawbacks of this method are metal parts or mold industry 2006 No. 32 No. 8 metal products and molds rapid manufacturing classification or mold performance is low, difficult to meet the actual needs of the technical requirements.

At present, this technology is still mainly based on the basis of the test. Metal powder is formed by laser sintering or adhesive bonding of metal powder, typical of powder laser sintering (SLS) and three-dimensional printing (3DP) process. There are commercial equipment based on the SLS process, but it can only use extremely limited forming materials, making it difficult to form large prototypes, and the laser sintering equipment is expensive and it is difficult to reduce the manufacturing cost. Metal wire melting accumulation, is developed by a US company can use FDM process forming metal materials. The metal powder is blended with the binder and then extruded into a wire having sufficient flexural strength for use by FDM equipment. This method produces parts of stainless steel, tungsten and tungsten carbide materials. Metal rapid prototyping droplet deposition is the use of metal droplet deposition / injection of the way directly forming metal parts / mold. This molding method has a high efficiency, can produce large-scale prototype, but because the use of metal droplets as the basic manufacturing units, so the manufacturing flexibility has been limited. Vapor deposition is proposed by American universities, which is based on the active gas decomposition precipitation molding technology, the use of high-energy laser thermal energy or light decomposition of an active gas, the deposition of a thin layer of material for layer by layer , By changing the composition and temperature of the active gas and the energy of the laser beam, can be deposited parts of different materials, but the manufacturing speed of indirect indirect metal products and mold manufacturing process.