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Importance Of CNC Prototype In Industry
Feb 14, 2019

First of all, let's take a look at the basic concept, CNC is digital control, abbreviated to numerical control, the full name of the English name is Computer number control. Because CNC is very important in the field of industry, so in universities or secondary schools, there is a special program called numerical control, which means.

CNC is a machine with an automatic computer control program. Write all kinds of machine instructions on the computer, and the machine can follow them. CNC has many advantages over traditional manual machine tools. For example, CNC can complete all kinds of complicated curved surface machining, can automatically change the tool. Compared with the traditional machine tool, CNC machine tool has high machining precision, safe processing, high production efficiency (because it only needs to execute according to the program). It is 3 times more efficient than traditional machine tools. CNC is an embodiment of machine intelligence and automation, greatly reducing the intensity of manual labor.

In 1952, through the development of MIT, the first CNC machine tool was made available. Since then, the application of NC machine tools in industry is indispensable. It is a great leap in the history of industry to widely use the fields of electrical appliance manufacture, aerospace industry, automobile industry, military industry and so on, to improve the production efficiency of industry. Nowadays, the machining ability and precision of CNC are greatly improved in both NC software and CNC machine hardware, and its contribution to the development of industry is obvious to all.

Automobile industry is a huge industrial system, which drives the development of other manufacturing industries. CNC prototypes are also widely used in automobile industry. For example, the automobile engine can be processed by CNC to obtain various parts, which greatly reduces the production cycle of the automobile, and is a powerful means to reduce the production cost of the automobile industry. In the industrial field, parts that need fine machining are very common, and high precision CNC can be used for fine machining of parts. In some surfaces and convex surfaces manual operation can not achieve the level of fineness of CNC, CNC can complete these prototype models at high speed and fine.

CNC machine tools need more advanced technology than traditional manual operation machine tools, CNC prototype is so important to industry, how to make good use of CNC to improve production capacity has the following main points: 1. To strengthen the internal management of the enterprise, not familiar with no operation, CNC machine tools should be fully informed operation. 2. Strengthen the training of technical personnel, 


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