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How Did The Prototype Model Work Out
Jan 22, 2019

After the completion of the drawing of the new product, the enterprise will make a prototype model to verify whether there is a lack of local product planning. This is a crucial link in the development of a new product. If there is no such link, Direct mold production, product problems will consume a lot of manpower and material resources. So the prototype model is not a short step.

General prototype processing methods are CNC processing, silicone mold and 3 D printing. Here is a common CNC processing methods.

First of all, the customer supplies 3D drawings to us, if there are no 3D drawings, also need to find someone to plan out, what can be copied directly 3D.

After, programmer dissects 3 D drawing, write the program language that controls NC machining center.


Followed by CNC to process, the product after processing more defects, the need for artificial sandpaper grinding.

Then according to customer requirements, some customers demand oil injection, some demand radium carving, oil injection, screen printing, electroplating, oxidation, wire drawing and other processes.

Then assemble the data to test the surface process before the need to test the assembly.

Everything will be ready to leave the factory.

If you want to know more about high competition cnc prototype machining and pc plastic prototype design and development. please email below.steven@smilecnc-china.com (our sales manager)