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Analysis Of The Disadvantages Of Low-cost Prototype Processing
Jan 15, 2019

In the market of prototype processing, why are some prototypes so different? Why are there hundreds, thousands, and hundreds of thousands of others? It is an indisputable fact that the cheaper the prototype , the worse the quality. Otherwise, why do some companies always have to be much taller than some companies and would rather lose this customer than lower prices.

Please see below smile prototype summary, cheap prototype shortcomings analysis.

First of all, there is no perfect post-processing technology for cheap prototype. Before processing the prototype, we need to understand the requirements of customers in detail, such as oil injection, screen printing, electroplating, radium carvings and stickers, and so on. Only in this way, rich prototype processing, in order to face the target users beautifully, for customers to bring greater value. And this work is very complex and cumbersome, a hundreds of prototype factory, and how to have a full set of reprocessing technology, the cost of personnel alone is more than that.

Secondly, the cheap prototype factory's machine equipment is not perfect, a good prototype factory naturally needs a complete set of perfect machinery and equipment to support, mechanical equipment is one of the main factors for the good or bad of the prototype. At present, the domestic better CNC machine, a minimum cost of more than 100, 000, and the total price of cheap prototypes is only a few hundred, and how to use the best mechanical equipment. But machinery and equipment cheap, appearance, structure, stability, these will naturally be poor, as long as any of these problems, will have a very serious impact on customers, such as not up to the extension, the market does not accept, and so on. This also causes the enterprise's image to suffer the loss.

Finally, the poor service provided by the cheap prototype factory is also an important link for the prototype factory. It will directly relate to whether the customer likes the prototype factory or not. The prototype factory with good service is naturally more likely to be liked and accepted by the customer. This makes it easier for the company to make a profit. But the poor service prototype factory, its customer experience effect must not be any better, so will be spurned by the user, as long as the user does not like, then everything is empty talk.


In short, the smile board thinks that when enterprises choose a prototype factory, they should not be attracted by the cheapness on the surface of the prototype factory. You must know that the other side also needs to survive and make a profit, and the prototype also needs to be cost, so calculate it. In order to ensure the profitability of the prototype factory, how much money can really be spent on the prototype processing? In addition, the production of the prototype is not a temporary fever, the prototype is not only for a while, it is the business card of the enterprise, is the window to show the image of the enterprise, it is necessary to follow the development of the enterprise.

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