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Analysis Of The Advantages Of 3D Printing Technology
Mar 20, 2017

1. Unlimited design space. Traditional manufacturing techniques and artisan-made products are limited in shape and have the ability to create shapes that are subject to the tools used. For example, the traditional wooden lathe can only make round items, rolling mill can only be processed with milling cutter assembly parts, mold machine can only create molded shape. And 3D printers can break through these limitations, open up a huge design space, to create a traditional process is difficult to process or even unable to process the product. 

2. Improve product design. Prototype is the first draft of the product, it helps designers, engineers and manufacturers to carry out multiple and repeated checks, and truly experience the appearance of the product, feel. The traditional prototype is the use of foam or clay for hand-made, through the 3D printing to quickly create a conceptual model, designers and customers to better communication between. In the traditional industrial manufacturing, if a design concept in the production of products after the existence of defects, companies need to bear a lot of material waste costs. The use of 3D printing technology to create a conceptual model, can quickly adjust the initial design and continuous improvement. 

3. Diversified production will not increase costs. In the case of traditional manufacturing, the more complex the shape of the object, the higher the manufacturing cost. But for 3D printers, the cost of making complex shapes does not increase. In addition, the traditional manufacturing equipment function less, to make the shape of the goods are limited. A 3D printer can print a different shape, it can be like craftsmen each time to make different shapes of items. This kind of manufacturing diversification without increasing the cost of printing will fundamentally break the traditional pricing model and change the way we make the entire manufacturing cost. 

4. The product does not need to be assembled. 3D printing has the characteristics of one-piece forming, which reduces the labor and transportation costs have a significant help. Traditional mass production is based on industrial chains and pipelines, in the modern factory, the machine produces the same parts, and then assembled by the workers. The more components of a product, the longer the supply chain and product lines will be pulled, the more time and cost will be spent on assembly and transportation. The 3D printing integration of the characteristics of the need to re-assembly, thereby shortening the supply chain, saving labor and transportation costs.

5. Reduce delivery time. 3D printing can be printed according to people's needs, this real-time production will greatly reduce the amount of business inventories, enabling enterprises to start according to the needs of users of 3D printers, manufacturing customized products to meet customer needs, so the new business model Will be possible. If the items needed can be produced on demand, then this zero-stock, zero-time delivery of production can also reduce the cost of long-distance transport.

6. Manufacturing skills to reduce the threshold. The traditional manufacturing machines require skilled professionals to adjust and calibrate the machine, and the cultivation of a skilled worker often takes several years. The 3D printer needs less operational skills than traditional devices, so the emergence of 3D printing will significantly reduce the threshold of production skills. This non-skilled manufacturing industry, which eliminates the high threshold, will lead to a number of new business models and provide print services in remote environments or extreme situations. 

7. Do not take up space, portable manufacturing. 3D printers are free to move and create larger items than their own size. For example, the injection molding machine can only produce much smaller than their own items, and some 3D printers can produce much larger than their own items. In addition, the civilian consumption of 3D printing equipment can also be free to move, because of its high portability, there have been a number of home or desktop 3D printers, these are dependent on the need for 3D printers smaller physical space this advantage. 

8. Save raw materials. The traditional metal processing has a very surprising waste, some fine production and even 90% of the raw materials will be discarded waste. And 3D printer waste will be significantly reduced, with the progress of printing materials, 3D printing "net forming" manufacturing will become more environmentally friendly processing methods.

9. Unlimited combination of materials. The traditional manufacturing machine in the cutting or mold forming process is difficult to integrate a variety of raw materials together, 3D printing between the raw materials can be any combination, to create people want the performance structure. For example, in the nylon - - glass fiber or nylon - carbon fiber composite materials can improve the mechanical properties of nylon, nickel alloy powder by adding 50% titanium can significantly improve performance, and now researchers have carried out carbon nanotubes, graphene, etc. Research and development of new composite materials. 

10. Precise entity copy. Traditional tapes can only be physically passed through entities to ensure that information is not lost. The emergence of digital music files makes the information from the carrier, can be unlimited copy without reducing the audio quality. 3D printing technology is also expected in the entire manufacturing field to extend the digital precision into the physical world. 3D scanning and 3D printing technology will jointly improve the resolution of the morphological transformation between the physical world and the digital world, narrowing the distance between the physical world and the digital century.

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