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Advantages And Disadvantages Of SLA Rapid Prototyping
Sep 13, 2016

One of the advantages of SLA is its speed; functional parts can be manufactured within a day. The length of time it takes to produce a single part depends upon the complexity of the design and the size. Printing time can last anywhere from hours to more than a day.Many 3D printers can produce parts with a maximum size of approximately 50×50×60 cm (20×20×24 in) and some printers, such as the Mammoth SLA machine (which has a build platform of 210×70×80 cm), are capable of producing single parts more than 2 meters in length[citation needed]. 3D printed prototypes and designs are strong enough to be machined and can also be used to make master patterns for injection molding, thermoforming, blow molding, and various metal casting processes.

Although SLA can be used to produce virtually any synthetic design, it is often costly; common photopolymers can cost about $800 per gallon and SLA machines can cost $250,000. Recently, public interest in 3D printing has inspired the design of several consumer SLA machines which can cost $3,500 or less, such as the Form 2 by Formlabs or the Nobel 1.0 by XYZPrinting.There has also been a reduction of the cost of photopolymer resins.

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