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Nylon PA Prototypes
Jan 10, 2019

Nylon (also called PA) is a commonly-uesed prototype material.Nylon has board and bar material from material supplier.today,i will mainly talk about nylon board prototypes.at the begaining,I want to introduce the nylon material’s basic physics character.Nylon material is black and can bear 95 degree for long time,and has good tenacity than other plastic material (such as abs,pc,pvc,pom,pmma and so on).but,nylon material has big disadvantage.when we make the prototype on the cnc machine,because the machine will generate the heat,if the size is a little big,it is easy to lead  prototype 's feformation.it means the prototype will look a a little bend.but,if you use screw to fasten it with othe parts,it will be flat.The follow picture prototypes are the Nylon prototypes that we made before for your reference.图片1

Besides,we can not do nylon prototype by silicone mold vacuum casting and sls 3d print.the two process methods are also good assistant for cnc machine rapid prototype.the follow picture are nylon prototypes that are made by silicone mold and 3d printer for your reference.图片2    

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