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What is the role of the prototype model and the scope of its application

The manufacture of prototype model has been widely used in modern processing industry. For those who do not know what is prototype model, we can go to see what is prototype. prototype is a very important role for modern processing and manufacturing industry. Before mass production, many products need to sample the prototype model to determine whether it meets the requirements.

The role of the prototype model:

What is the role of prototype model in daily processing enterprises? The list is as follows:

1. Used to verify that the design of the product is up to standard. When designers incorporate their own corporate culture and brand culture into the design, the appearance of the product is very important. The prototype model can be used to verify the appearance of the product before batch production. Such as gloss, fineness, hardness, etc. But the vast majority are still the appearance of the verification. The prototype model is the precise embodiment of the product design. If the appearance is not over, the original design must be modified and improved.

2. Used to verify the reasonableness of the structural design. Many products need various parts and panels before production, that is to say, many of them are assembled to form the final product model. As a result, the prototype model is first processed and then assembled to see if each assembly is up to standard, whether the gap is up to standard, and whether it is easy to install, etc. Similarly, there are problems that need to be corrected, and then prototype proofing, until the final determination to meet the requirements.

3. Product promotion. The current product market can be described as a breakthrough, every day there are new products on the market. Well, for the market, manufacturers generally carry out the prototype model proofing operation in advance, and then the injection of oil injection, polishing and so on. Then take fine photos and videos, you can use these materials in advance to market advertising, it can be said to kill more than one stone.

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