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Aluminum Die Casting Machine

CNC Lathe, CNC Machining
Material: plastic, aluminum, stainless steel, Iron, Brass, Copper
Tolerence: +/-0.02mm
Surface finish: paint, sandblast, Anodize, Plate, Polish
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Introduction of Common Editing Software for cnc prototype Model

Cnc prototype model commonly used editing software introduction, cnc prototype model maker smile technology cnc prototype model production in cnc NC machine tool processing, we need to program 3D graphics, The programming here is based on the proe software or the solidworks software, then using powermill or mastercam to program. In the past, mastercam used more, because this is a kind of commonly used programming software, it is relatively simple to operate. The structure of the product is not very high, for example, we can carve the TV or other digital products shell products, the products are still very good, the knife path is fine, the surface looks smooth, There are no more rough lines of knife. This can save a lot of manual polishing time and cost. Just get rid of the burrs and the corners a little!

If there are a lot of surfaces, such as stl format files, like the design of 3D graphics with ff, these are because there are many irregular surfaces, with the traditional mastercam programming, it seems a little difficult. We use the programming software developed in Germany, powermill, which is very smooth and smooth for the smooth line of the curved surface, and the size of the product can also be guaranteed to be accurate. These functions solve the defects of the traditional programming software, make up for their shortcomings, alternate use of better results!

Many customers now send the format, very many, such as igs, stp, x-t, stl and so on, in order to meet the needs of different customers, as a professional manufacturer of Shenzhen prototype, we can also use these software to achieve a sound service. We will continue to upgrade these software, so as to use the most advanced technology and technology to meet the needs of the market!

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