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Make ABS prototype which one to choose in Shenzhen

ABS is one of the most common prototype, accounting for about 80% of the total. This is because ABS is a relatively good engineering plastics, strength can meet the needs of all kinds of prototype processing. For example, test function, polish color. Polished ABS material, is relatively easy, and the surface smoothness is also guaranteed. Generally after the prototype needs to surface color and screen printing, the surface of the viscosity is good, not too slippery. Otherwise, the glue will be difficult to spray oil screen printing.

In particular, CNC processing of the prototype, the use of ABS in the range of about 90%. Can be opened at will, adhesive strength will not be greatly affected, this is the ABS material popular plastic prototype processing industry a great reason.

ABS prototype processing technology:

CNC computer gong: mainly refers to the cnc processing equipment in accordance with the set procedures for movement, according to personal understanding is the cnc equipment above the tungsten steel knife, according to the path set by the program, on the material above the movement, the material redundant parts removed, Thus, the prototype of the prototype model is obtained.

Manual processing: the above three ways to make samples for sampling grinding, assembly. The program is to make all components into a finished product.

Fuel injection: color the prototype samples that have been made as required by the customer

Screen printing: print or design on the surface of a finished prototype sample.

To print or design on an uneven face.

Smile Technology has advanced large-scale precision CNC machining center, lathe, milling machine, grinder, spark machine, vacuum molding machine and other peripheral equipment, with the most reliable quality, the most ideal structure, The fastest prototype model for the customer the first time to launch their own products.

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