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3d Printer Service

PAGF 3d Printer Service

PAGF 3d Printer Service

SLA SLS 3d printer is low cost and high efficiency prototype processing method. 3d printer technology is used in prototype printing more and more widely. maybe, the printing material is stronger enough than cnc machining. but, it is a good news for vacuum casting silicone mould. 3d printer can make the sample fast for silicone mould make....

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Technical characteristics and methods of prototype Grinding

If the prototype model is to be close to the finished product and to test the appearance, a prototype model must be made. After the prototype model is done, it is necessary to polish the prototype first. What is the prototype grinding? prototype grinding is to remove the burr on the surface of the substrate, oil dust, reduce the surface roughness of the workpiece, after polishing the old paint layer, can also enhance the adhesion of the coating and so on. Prototype grinding can be divided into traditional hand grinding and modern grinding.

Why the prototype needs polishing?
Because a prototype part after CNC processing, its surface will inevitably produce a lot of edges and knife marks. These problems need to be handled manually. Usually we choose sandpaper for polishing or polishing.
Often the appearance of the treatment are grinding, sand blasting, polishing, color, screen printing, electroplating. Today by the smile technology to explain to everyone the method of prototype polishing.

prototype grinding process can generally be divided into:
(1) Mechanical grinding: in large area construction, in order to improve working efficiency.
(2) dry grinding: grinding with sandpaper. A lot of dust will be produced in the process, which will affect environmental hygiene.
(3) Wet grinding: sanding paper with water or soapy water. Water grinding can reduce abrasion marks, improve smoothness, and save sandpaper, save labor.
(4) there is also a special grinding method: "light grinding", which should be done by using finer sandpaper and skilled hand.

When grinding should pay attention to the problem, the first is the need to rough grinding, remove the surface burr after fine grinding, and finally according to the product to the surface requirements for grinding, After a grinding, by spraying a layer of ash, the roughness of the product surface can be amplified, the naked eye can see the degree of defects. The final part of the correction, until a product is finally finished polishing process.

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