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cocr and stainless steel metal 3d printing

cocr and stainless steel metal 3d printing

​SLA SLS 3d printer is low cost and high efficiency prototype processing method. 3d printer technology is used in prototype printing more and more widely. maybe, the printing material is stronger enough than cnc machining. but, it is a good news for vacuum casting silicone mould. 3d printer can make the sample fast for silicone mould make....

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Aluminum alloy surface treatment

Last time we talked about aluminum alloy processing technology, this phase of small to tell you about aluminum surface treatment.

After the finished processing of aluminum alloy prototype, it needs to be treated later. There are two kinds of oxidation modes for aluminum alloy surface treatment. Let's look at the difference between sandblasting oxidation and conductive oxidation.

1. Anodic oxidation is carried out under the condition of high voltage, which is an electrochemical reaction process. Conductive oxidation does not need to be electrified, but only needs to be soaked in the solution. It is a pure chemical reaction.

2. Anodic oxidation takes a long time, often dozens of minutes, while conductive oxidation takes only a few tens of seconds.

3. The anodized films have several microns to dozens of microns and are hard and wear-resistant, while the films formed by conductive oxidation are only about 0.01-0.15 microns. Wear resistance is not very good, but both conductive and atmospheric corrosion resistance, which is its advantage.

4. The oxide film is not conductive, but because the film formed by conductive oxidation is very thin, so conductive.

Now the development speed of the prototype model factory is changing with each passing day. A few years ago, because of the limitation of the processing equipment, a lot of work can only be done manually and manually. Now with technological progress, most aluminum alloy prototypes are machined using the machine CNC. In this way, the precision of the product can be guaranteed, and it can be almost exactly the same as the 3D map designed by the designer. The precision can reach 0.1mm or so.

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